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Ep 19 – The Hateful Eight, almost killing Steven Spielberg, and Russell’s Reserve bourbon

Juliette rants about Quentin Tarantino, new disturbing trends in restaurants, Chi-town Rising, and almost killing Steven Spielberg, all while drinking Russell’s Reserve 10 year old bourbon.

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Ep 15 – Interview with Clay Risen

Juliette Interviews Clay Risen, whiskey expert and author of the book “American Whiskey, Bourbon & Rye: A Guide to the Nation’s Favorite Spirit.” He discusses the history of whiskey, how to taste and select, and makes many recommendations.

Ep 11 – CMA’s, the Christmas Shrew, and the Muppets

This week, Juliette rants about the Country Music Awards, the new unwanted neighbor, Chicago’s attempt at becoming New York, and The Muppets, all while sipping Booker’s Bourbon.

Ep 10 – Gregg Allman, Casinos, and Eagle Rare bourbon

This week, Juliette rants about a Gregg Allman concert, daylight saving time, casinos, rainy Halloweens, costumes, and bacon buns, all while drinking Eagle Rare whiskey… with a side of ice water.