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Ep 10 – Gregg Allman, Casinos, and Eagle Rare bourbon

This week, Juliette rants about a Gregg Allman concert, daylight saving time, casinos, rainy Halloweens, costumes, and bacon buns, all while drinking Eagle Rare whiskey… with a side of ice water.

Ep 9 – Interview with A.E. Hotchner “Hemingway in Love: His Own Story”

Hemingway In Love: His Own Story

In this special podcast, Juliette interviews author A.E. Hotchner about his new book, “Hemingway in Love: His Own Story.” He shares  many fascinating stories about his long friendship with Ernest Hemingway and offers insight into Hemingway’s writing, relationships, and more. We suggest enjoying this interview with a glass of Macallan scotch, twist of lime optional.

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Ep 8 – Playboy Magazine, John Carpenter, and Jefferson’s bourbon

On this week’s podcast, Juliette rants about crafty neighbors and finger weaving, Playboy magazine, her favorite drive-in, and John Carpenter’s Halloween, all while drinking a hot toddy with a side of Jefferson’s small batch boubon.