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Ep 133 – Interview with Doc McGhee

On this interview episode, Juliette talks with legendary music manager Doc McGhee. They discuss his career, from managing James Brown to Bon Jovi and Motley Crue, to today and his work with Kiss. Doc also details how country music has taken the place of rock ‘n’ roll and breaks down how to be successful in the current digital music scene. Juliette’s bourbon of choice on this episode is Russell’s Reserve 10 year.


Ep 130 – Counterfeit cowboy, relationship double dare, and bowl of carnage

On this episode, Juliette appreciates a man on a horse, uncovers a past romance, dares her guy, gets padded up, meets Moonshine and Namaste, watches a wild jump, visits Chinatown, translates a shrug, passes by happy cats and demands dim sum? all while drinking Stolen Spirits smoked whiskey.

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Ep 122 – Trail of misery, claw sharpening, and introducing The Ringleader

On this episode, Juliette forgets her night, goes through a box of bandages, lacks judgment, experiences mach force, mixes lavender and humiliation, dismisses life reunions, reveals her deranged shorthand, falls for The Ringleader, experiences groupie retribution, and is kept waiting? all while discussing Orphan Barrel Gifted Horse bourbon.