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Ep 119 – The great bunny escape, fair fights, and next level socialization

On this episode, Juliette gets eye-rolly, takes tips for a spin, pet sits, avoids bunny rabies, explores underbelly secrets, finds a manger, leaves a note, attends a cool kids Christmas party, dresses up, gets comfortable with the cheese, seeks out wallflowers and misses a punchline? All while drinking Redemption Rye whiskey.

Ep 118 – A death plague, failed pee tests, and a Jackass Christmas

On this episode, Juliette survives the plague, visits a strip mall clinic, recalls a failed pee test, meets nurse Ratchet, makes yet more relationship mistakes, fails at Christmas by bringing Jackass home to meet her parents, tries to save the holidays, and puts her foot down the only way she knows how… all while drinking Kelsey Creek bourbon.

Ep 117 – The Funny Comes First special


On this episode, Juliette takes you through her favorite conversations with some of the funniest people on the planet. Guests include Jim Norton, Nick Di Paolo, Ari Shaffir, Anthony Cumia, Rain Pryor, Bob Levy, Bobby Slayton, and Steve McGrew. Juliette dives into the art of comedy and the people who create it… all while drinking Larceny bourbon.


Ep 116 – A reluctant friend, junkie scratching, and hammered resolutions

On this episode, Juliette meets Crabapple, becomes grossly restless, falls into a safety net, fears car explosion, tests friendship limits, dances with the beer tub girl, goes on a hair band renaissance tour, connects with Shapeshifter, has her room violated, is offered cocaine, rages at a desert sky, allows a When Harry Met Sally indulgence, and hammers out a resolution… All while drinking Basil Hayden Dark Rye whiskey.

Ep 115 – The town crank, accidental chaos, and neighbor retaliation

On this episode, Juliette does preemptive damage control, enters the laboratory, explains a weird neon glow, contemplates best brain time, gets interrogated, meets the neighbors, launches a counterattack, calls the band, and revels in the Hokey Pokey… all while drinking Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit bourbon.

Ep 114 – Possum problems, poisonous dating, and a green-tinted Adonis


On this episode, Juliette recovers from a woodland weekend, feels edgy, hears aggressive scratching, finds a dirty scavenging rodent, witnesses boozy genius, rolls away, manipulates Adonis, makes chicken parm, longs for a plunger, debates poison clean-up and considers a reassuring hug… All while drinking Barrell Bourbon batch 5.

Ep 113 – Cemetery surprises, voodoo rituals, and a Crazytown Halloween adventure


On this episode, Juliette visits St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, finds uncommon energy, leaves something behind, ups her bet, contemplates sexy cards, redefines trick or treating, engages in childish behavior, gets lost with Crazytown and heckles a potential murderer? All while drinking Michter’s single barrel rye whiskey.

Ep 111 – Nastygrams, the devil’s china, and Ouija board fears

On this episode, Juliette receives a nastygram, wishes for a plague of frogs, recounts a book tour failure, angers wingnuts, is dismissed by a hobgoblin, feels satisfied, ignores a request, finds a Ouija board, contemplates dead things, fears The Exorcist, and channels white light? all while drinking Noah’s Mill small batch bourbon.